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Velkrin's Journal

19th December, 2009. 10:25 am. My Million Doller Idea

Coffee shop - Coffee by Brooklyn


Just F***ing coffee - It's coffee. You got a problem with that?
Candybar in a cup - Mocha latte frapa whatever.
Rhymes with Pea - It ain't Free chucklenuts.
Die Diet Die - These baked goods arn't going to eat themselves.

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19th November, 2009. 8:42 pm. Best use of a roomba yet (except as a pet transporter)


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11th November, 2009. 4:52 pm. Admit it, you'd read it






Also from Saxton Hale:


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19th October, 2009. 12:24 pm. ....what?

Did someone try to make off with my stuff, open the box, find out I didn't order anything worth stealing and then try to sneak it back in?

October 16, 2009 02:22:11 PM Phoenix AZ US Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit
October 16, 2009 05:58:00 PM PHOENIX AZ US Shipment received by carrier
October 16, 2009 10:35:00 PM PHOENIX AZ US Departure Scan
October 16, 2009 10:39:00 PM PHOENIX AZ US Arrival Scan
October 17, 2009 12:58:00 AM PHOENIX AZ US Arrival Scan
October 17, 2009 02:35:00 AM PHOENIX AZ US Departure Scan
October 17, 2009 04:00:00 AM PHOENIX AZ US Arrival Scan
October 18, 2009 04:43:00 AM PHOENIX AZ US Departure Scan
October 18, 2009 10:48:00 AM LOUISVILLE KY US Arrival Scan

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18th September, 2009. 1:43 pm. How to combat protesters

Mix them with a group offering an entirely different view point

Tea Baggers vs Coffee Percolators - People demanding no-tax on coffee related things, tax on everything else
Birthers vs Storkers - Those who believe Obama was delivered (to America) via stork
Town Hall Protesters vs A group demanding a Toga Party (eg: in togas, shouting: To-GA! To-GA!)

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17th September, 2009. 1:32 pm. In the event I catch 'Swine Flu'

I will refer to it as 'Bear Flu'. It will still be 'swine flu' but it will sound more manly and thus make it much more impressive when it buggers off in a week.

Other names to consider:

Tyrannosaurus flu
Velociraptor flu
Shark flu
The purple death
Deadly flu of deadlyness
Manslayer flu
King of the jungle flu
Super Flu

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14th September, 2009. 4:52 pm. Cat with a drinking problem


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14th September, 2009. 4:42 pm. Best movie ever?


http://www.zombieland.com/red_band/ - NSFW

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7th September, 2009. 7:54 pm. Wow


You can actually see that her head is empty. Really, look at her eyes. It's creepy.

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3rd September, 2009. 3:52 pm. Today's adorable kitten harrassing a cat link also courtesy of Fark.


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